Leaps by Bayer

Leaps by Bayer, a science company with a creative brand ID. Their aim is to conquer huge challenges facing humanity – looking at breakthrough health cures for a wide range of diseases, and more climate friendly science to lessen the impact of agriculture.

We worked with global Agency Optimist Inc in creating animated films to tell a wider brand story. The concepts were based on paradigm-shifts and impossible breakthroughs in life sciences. 

Reduce Environmental Impact of Agriculture

From carbon sequestration to reducing land and water usage, innovation has the power to transform modern agriculture.

Provide Sustainable Organ and Tissue Replacement

Cell and gene therapies hold tremendous promise to restore health, reverse the course of degenerative diseases and prevent organ failure.


Develop Sustainable Protein Supply

Nourishing a global population will require new approaches to sustain both a healthy planet and healthy people.

Protect Brain and Mind

Neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disease along with mental health disorders represent a massive and growing unmet need with no simple solutions available.